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Training Services

Law Enforcement

CenTex offers several options for Law Enforcement specific training that can provide TCOLE training hours if hosted by an agency that is currently a TCOLE training provider. Specialized training programs can be accommodated if given enough notice.

*LE credentials will be verified prior to completion of registration.


CenTex offers several course options regarding the training of Teachers who are allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus or those currently serving as school Guardians. If you or your district are interested in group pricing, please feel free to reach out.

*Must hold valid educator credentials, will be verified in order to complete registration.*


State Mandated/TCOLE Training

Law Enforcement Only

CenTex offers customized classes for Law Enforcement Agencies at a reasonable price. Classes can be built as the agency requires and meet the TCOLE requirements set by the State of Texas and resources will be provided to the Department upon the completion of the class to be filed.

Agencies interested in classes to be built for their agency must be a current TCOLE training provider. 

Please reach out for inquiries.

While CenTex Training Solutions specializes in training law enforcement, military, and educations personnel, we offer classes to civilians aiming to better themselves in the area of self-defense. Classes marketed towards law enforcement only will be advertised as such, but civilians wishing to enroll in a course are encouraged to seek one of our other classes not specifically marked for law enforcement only.

If you are interested in attending a class with us but are unsure of the requirements, please reach out to us using the contact portal on the home page or by emailing us at Please include your first and last name and a good phone number and we will respond as soon as we can.

One-on-One sessions are also offered if you are unsure about attending firearms training in a group setting. These sessions are typically offered in either a 4 or 8-hour format.

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