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Handgun Level 1

Handgun Level 1

Handgun Level 1 is a one day, 10 hour course disigned to teach the very basics of handgun fundamentals and is intended for shooters who are just starting out with firearms or may be interested in carrying a weapon. THIS IS NOT A DEFENSE CLASS.


As this is an entry level class, it will be conducted on a primarily static range with little to no movement on the firing line. This course will focus on Fundamentals, weapons handling/maintainance, draw stroke, reloads, etc.


Round Count: 500 Rounds Pistol

Range Fee: Included


    1. Semi-Auto Pistol w/ at least 3 magazines

    2. Sturdy belt w/ holster and mag pouches

    4. BDU style pants

    5. Close toed shoes

    6. Head gear

    7. Sunscreen

    8. Eye protection

    9. Ear protection

    10. Black sharpie

    11. Food/water

    12. Note taking materials


    Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) are optional but recommended.


    Blackhawk/SERPA holsters, or other finger-release type holsters, are forbidden and will not be allowed on the range (regardless if allowed at your current agency). Please take appropriate measures to have quality holsters on class day.

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